Sport Premium and Swimming

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Throughout the 2017/18 Academic Year, St Catherine’s work extremely hard to give the best provision for the children in swimming. Starting in Year 1 and 2, we develop early Water Confidence and in Year 3 and 4, look to achieve National Curriculum.

97% of our Year 4 children have achieved National Curriculum Standard, compared to 58% in Sheffield and 68% Nationally. This has been done through effective teaching but then specific catch up lessons with Malcolm Johnson.

We are also proud that 100% of our Year 5s and 97% of Year 6 have achieved National Curriculum standard. When children hadn’t achieved the standard in Year 4, specific extra intervention through Malcolm Johnson and school staff has been put in place.

In Year 3 approximately half of the cohort have already achieved National Curriculum.  Year 2 and 1 have worked on water confidence.

SEND Swimming has also been added to our provision. This is targeted at children in Key Stage 2 and alongside their support work on specific Swimming Skills. This has led to real success for those children. From this, developed our own SEND swimming team who in January entered a competition at Ponds Forge and became ‘Top Yorkshire Primary School SEN Swimming Team’. We then took part in the North of England U14’s Final in June at Ponds Forge, we finished in a very well respected 7th place.

Our other swimming squad this year came 7th in their league.  This was a great achievement as seven of the swimmers were new to the squad this year and had never taken part in any swimming competitions at all.

Year 4 Achieving the National Curriculum Standard