Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children (P4C) focuses on thinking skills and communal dialogue (philosophising), and aims to build communities of enquiry where participants develop 4Cs of thinking skills: creative, critical, collaborative and caring. We nurture children to think together to increase their understanding and appreciation of the world around them, providing the foundations that will equip and prepare them to be empowered, confident and positive citizens.

P4C underpins our caring and questioning ethos. Children learn to listen to and respect one another, and challenge and explore the beliefs and values of others. They develop their own views and make more deliberate and responsible judgements. It encourages children to have an enquiring mind in all that they do and allows them to develop advanced skills such as inference, deduction, analysing and summarising — all of which are needed in order to be successful no matter what the subject.

Questions we have explored

  • "Do mistakes need to be made?" – Y6

  • "Is the girl too young to dream about adventures?" – Y4

  • "Why do we think famous people have a better life than us?" – Y5

  • "Does it matter what you look like?" – EYFS

  • "Is it ever okay to lie?" – Y4

  • "Why did God make friendship?" – Y2


We have been awarded the Gold Philosophy for Children School Award!

P4C Gold.jpg


Our classes regularly Tweet about Philosophy for Children. You can follow along using #STCP4CDay and #STCP4C

You can find out more about Philosophy for Children on the SAPERE website.