Payment Delays

If you pay by card or cash at the office, there have been issues in that payment information being sent across to our systems, which means that dinner balances and other payments may not be accurate.

This information is not lost, and will be actioned as and when it is received by school.

We have temporarily suspended card and cash payments at the office. When the system is live again, we will let you know.

To ensure your payment is received promptly, pay online.

STEM Livestreams

Next week every class will be doing a livestream of their STEM project using Twitter. These videos will be published on the website after the event.

To watch the event live, please make sure that you are following your child's Twitter account, and that you are set up to receive Notifications—when we go live Twitter will automatically send you a message.

Links to the Twitter accounts can be found on the Pupil Voice page.

SEN Swimming News

We recently won first place at the Primary SEN Swim Panathlon, well done everyone!

Malcolm Johnson, St Catherine's Swim Teacher said, “We at St Catherine's give the SEN children lessons on a weekly basis, however we have never been able to put lessons into practice, and this is the first time we have been able to compete in a competition. This has been such an experience for the students. The children and staff involved loved this and now welcome the opportunity to compete later in the year in the North Finals and again, test ourselves and look to improve.”

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Roblox – A Guide for Parents

You might have heard on the news about children using an online game called Roblox, which allows children to chat to different people. The game is available for all children (advertised as ages eight to eighteen), however some sections are 13+, which can contain content unsuitable for primary school children.

News articles lately have suggested that adults are joining the game and posting age inappropriate things. The UK Safer Internet Centre has posted advice to make sure we stay safe online, which you can read on their website.