Playtimes — Autumn 2

In the Autumn 2 half–term, we asked children to tell us what they thought about playtimes and lunchtimes.

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2)

What do you like about playtime?
I like running around! — Ammatullah
I like playing Sonic with my friends. — Kidus
I like playing with my friends! — Eleanor
I like playing on the rocket playground — Jayden

What do you like playing?
Tiggy freeze! — Jayden
Tiggy Bob down — Mansley
Tiggy off the ground. Ammatullah
Races! — Kiddus
Princesses — Eleanor

Would it be good if the older children taught you some new games?

How do the adults help you to have fun at playtime?
If you fall down, they ask if you are okay and want to go to the fist aid room. — Ammatullah
They make up new games to play — Kidus

What would you do if you had no one to play with at playtime?
I would just do one of the activities with a teacher. — Jayden
I would just ask someone else. — Mansley
I’d make a new friend and play with them. — Kidus
I would tell a teacher and they would find me someone to play with. — Ammatullah

Is there anything you would change about playtimes or lunchtimes?
I would like more time on the adventure playground. — Mansley
I would like people to use their indoor voices in the dinner hall because it’s very noisy!— Jayden
I wouldn’t change anything. — Eleanor

Are there any activities you would like to do more of?
I’d like to do more running around because it’s good exercise. — Ammatullah
I’d like moor time on the gym equipment. — Jayden
I’d like more time on the Key Stage 2 yard. — Kidus

Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6)

What do you like the most about lunchtime?
I like that we get to play sports on the yard. — Ben
I like that the teachers try to keep us safe. — Tyler
I like that I get to play with my friends. — Michelle
I like that there are lots of activities that we can join in with. — Nahom
I like all the sports on the playground. — Riannon

What’s your favourite thing to do, or favourite game to play at playtimes?
I like cops and robbers. — Ben
I like cops and robbers. — Riannon
Tig, sharks and fishes, races.

What have been the problems with lots of running game on the yard?
When playing sharks and fishes, some people send other people flying.
I think that the new year 3s are not used to  big people yet, so when there’s lots of running about, I think they get scared. — Riannon

Do you think it’s fair that Sharks and Fishes has been taken off the yard and onto the MUGA?
All children thought it was fair!
At first we were a bit bored and didn’t know what to play. But now we’ve found a new game to play. — Ben
There’s more room to play sharks and fishes on the MUGA as there is only one year group and not lots of other children dotted around. — Riannon
I think it’s fair because there’s not young children running around, so we won’t hurt them. — Eldana

What would you do if you had no one to play with at play time or what would you advise someone else to do?
I would do Junior Apprentice, so I can do jobs in school or I would just speak to the teachers. — Tyler
I would find other people to play with. — Nahom
My advice would be to tell a teacher. — Riannon

What do the adults do to make your dinner times and lunch times more enjoyable?
I think they’re just really kind to us.  If we fall over they really show they care. — Riannon
They help us to enjoy ourselves by putting sports equipment out. — Nahom
They try and make us laugh. — Ben
They help us to make good choices. — Tyler
If the adults weren’t there it wouldn’t be fun because if someone hurts themselves and you can’t help them, a teacher could help them. — Michelle

What would make playtimes and lunchtimes even better?
I’d like a ‘beat it’ every day. — Ben
I wouldn’t change playtime because I just really like it.
I think it’s good as it is. — Michelle
I wouldn’t change anything because it’s fair the way it is. — Eldana

Is there any activities that you would like to do at lunchtime?
I’d like more books outside to read. — Michelle
I’d like to do some indoor activities, so we could play top trumps.

What one word would you use to sum up playtimes at our school?
Safe. — Ben
Rest. — Tyler
Relaxing. — Eldana
Exciting! — Riannon
Books! — Michelle

After speaking to the children, Miss Weir is going to speak to Mr Hardy about getting the Year 5 Sports Leaders to teach the younger children more playground games!