No Smoking

The No Smoking Policy is a living document and may be updated at any time.

We believe all persons should work in a smoke and vapour free environment. We are committed to promoting health and welfare. We maintain high quality, healthy, and safe working environments for staff, pupils and visitors.

Smoking is illegal in enclosed or partly-enclosed public places. It is an offence to smoke in no smoking premises or to knowingly permit smoking in no smoking premises. This includes vehicles. School is responsible for monitoring adherence to this policy, and has prime responsibility for ensuring compliance with the law.

Appropriate signage is displayed at entrances to the school premises.


  • To provide a working environment conducive to good health and productive working
  • To ensure we present a positive image to visitors and members of the public
  • To ensure that we comply with legislation regarding no smoking


This policy applies to all staff and visitors (including contractors).

Smoking and vaping is prohibited in all areas of our premises and on all surrounding grounds including the car park. Smoking and vaping is also prohibited in any company vehicle, whether owned or on hire, when used by more than one person, and in a private vehicle if a passenger is carried.

Employees who wish to smoke or vape may do so in their own time during designated breaks. Employees are not permitted to smoke/vape whilst carrying out their day–to–day duties and


Senior leaders and managers are responsible for ensuring that all staff and visitors are made aware of the policy and that they comply with its requirements. People smoking or vaping in prohibited areas, should be asked politely to stop and be advised that they are breaching the school policy.

Refusal to stop is unacceptable and should be reported to the Headteacher or their nominee. Failure to conform to the requirements of the policy by smoking or vaping on school premises or refusing to stop when requested constitutes a staff disciplinary offence.

Contractors or visitors breaching the policy should be requested to cease smoking or vaping on the premises. A contractor or visitor who refuses to stop smoking or vaping should be required to leave the premises.