The National Justice Museum


On Wednesday 22nd November the School Council, along with Miss Franks, Miss Vella, Miss Weir and Mr Mitchell, went to the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. The trip was about teamwork and understanding more about the justice system.

First, we visited the old-fashioned prisons! They were so dark and gloomy. While we were down in the prisons, we met a woman who had been locked in the prison for 10 years. She told her story of how she was a little bit crazy and had killed her baby. She showed us around the prison, looking at the different areas such as the laundry room, exercise yard and the bedroom. The bed didn’t look very comfy – it was made of wood and there wasn’t even a mattress.

After the prison we got to see the oubliette (this is a French word for ‘Forgot’). This was a place where people were left and forgotten about. Criminals were left in a very dark room with no food or water – they ended up dying from starvation.

Soon it was lunch time, all Miss Vella had spoken about was the smell of delicious chips cooking. Much to her disappointment, the café didn’t even sell chips! All the teachers had a cup of tea with their lunch. We had a lovely relaxing lunch and spoke about all the creepy things we’d seen during the morning.

Next it was time for the BIG event! The courtroom! We all had a part to play and we’d been practising our lines. We were all very excited! Eve was the Judge, Lily the Foreperson for the Jury, Amelia a witness, Josh a witness. The lady who worked at the Justice Museum gave us props to wear so we all looked the part, it was so much fun! We began the trial and everyone knew their lines and were amazing! The teachers were so impressed! After all the evidence had been given, the Jury had to leave the room to decide if the defendant was guilty or not guilty. Everyone came back into the room. Drum roll please….the defendant was found GUILTY! The court fell silent as the Judge read out the punishment.

We all had such a fun day and learnt lots. Miss Franks had a lovely surprise for us all on the coach – a red pencil from the National Justice Museum. We got back to school and to our delight our new school pet had arrived!!! More news to follow.

Thanks for reading!